Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Those were my exact words to a friend this past weekend who paid me a visit. Upon opening a FabKids delivery and sifting through the outfits I selected for my three children, my friend asked me for feedback on the quality of FabKids apparel. I handed her one of my sons shirts and literally said, "here, feel it for yourself." Most of us have likely experienced poor quality apparel. Sometimes in the form of ripped seams, hanging threads, loose fitting buttons or just the overall texture and fabric is just awful. I told her how long I've been shopping with FabKids and what I love mostly which is:
  • Quality
  • Staying current and on trend with what's hot in kids fashion both in prints and colors
  • Product selection
  • Quick turnaround
  • Complete head-to-toe outfit
I told my friend I've never had a problem with the quality. The pieces are multi-purpose. The fabric from denim jeans to cotton leggings and embellished dresses are durable. The pieces wash well with no extra care necessary (don't have to hand wash) and the styles are absolutely adorable. We talked about how comparable FabKids is to other children's fashion brands but at a cost effective price point and it's a complete look which totally eliminates the guess work. FabKids was started by Parents including Actress, Christina Applegate. Click here to listen to the on-air dish I had with Head Designer, Denise Kalinowski. All you need do is set up a style profile at FabKids.com for your child or in my case, children and each month new looks are styled which you can pick and choose from and get a head-to-toe look for $39.95. But get this, there is no obligation to buy so you can skip a month whenever you so choose but the likelihood that you will do that is rare. The pieces are so adorable I sometimes wish the pieces came in adult sizes. But what I most love is that the looks consist of three pieces. I do mix and match the pieces. Tis' The Season! I'm most excited about the Holiday styles on sale now for both boys and girls. Check out a few of my faves:
Holiday Brocade Skirt
Holiday Print Dress
Holiday Velvet Blazer
Plaid Trousers
What do you think of the Holiday styles? Would you like shopping for your child or children to be easier?

-- Erin
(Disclaimer: I am a FabMom. I was initially turned onto FabKids by having been solicited to sample pieces for editorial purposes.)

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