Thursday, October 4, 2012

One Tweet Is All It Takes ...The Power of Social Media

The power of social media. While most of us were likely totally engaged by last nite's Presidential Debate, KitchenAid was issuing an official apology. You know KitchenAid, the brand that manufactures all types of cooking appliances. You or someone you know likely has a KitchenAid mixer, blender or toaster stuffed into a cabinet. If anything like me, the appliances barely fit and you can never quite get that cord to stay in so it hangs, just peeking outside the cabinet door ;-).

Well, a totally irresponsible tweet which read, "Obamas gma even knew it was going 2 b bad! 'She died 3 days b4 he became president." tweeted last night about President Obama's deceased grandmother with the hashtag #nbcpolitics attached, caused a firestorm and totally emphasizes the power of social media. Read additional details here: 

KitchenAid has issued an apology and per KitchenAidUSA, supposedly the head of KitchenAid, Cynthia Soledad is offering to go on record and discuss what occurred. It has been tweeted that the individual responsible won't be tweeting for KitchenAidUSA anymore. Uh, yeah! Whatever will KitchenAid do ...What say you?