Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weekend Update with Lady Erin - Series 1, Part 2

So this weekend's "Weekend Update", a new series launched last week was a bit delayed by "Sandy." Although productivity was slightly disrupted, I certainly didn't feel the wrath like other's did and prayers continue to go up as folks continue to assess the damage and rebuild. The biggest distraction resulted from school closings and my trying to keep the lil ones from suffering "cabin fever." Schools reopened today. Can you hear my "hallelujah" shout??? #MommyMidday

Me and the divas (Janesia Simmons, Maaden Eshete), themselves of Divas, MPH
October is "Breast Cancer Awareness" month and we've been making every effort to lend attention to just being more aware. On last week's #BeautyTalk, we partnered with Divas, MPH to offer great tips to Bag Ladies listeners. If you missed, catch up OnDemand:

Additionally, I attended #PassionBehindPink, a Divas, MPH happy hour at Tabaq in DC. Divas, MPH partnered with FitFam Foundation and Whitman Walker Breast Health Initiative to provide an intimate setting for women to increase awareness and share personal stories. I was touched by the candor of those who attended and that which was shared. I shared too. I also learned alot about "getting to know my girls" and being comfy with, "feeling myself up", all in the name of increasing awareness. This is a great post with great pics from #PassionBehindPink by Gee James (Resident Photog on deck), regarding #PassionBehindPink:

Me and the coolest cat eva, Kurt Elling!
Besides being on "Sandy" watch this weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a Saturday night performance of my absolute FAVE jazz artist , Kurt Elling. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a jazz fiend. I can listen to jazz 24/7 ...And I ain't old ;-). Kurt Elling is a GRAMMY award winner and for the last 13+ years, has been named the best "Male Jazz Singer of the Year" by the Jazz Journalist Association. Kurt Elling just released a new album, this month. I grabbed up 1619 Broadway right before jetting off to Vegas for #Blogalicious12. Nope, I didn't download, I actually bought the album. I know, unheard of right? But upon finding out that he was performing in DC at the Kennedy Center, I grabbed two tix with the "quickness." I've seen Kurt Elling live at least three times and he NEVER disappoints. And that band ...As always.  But the new drummer out of Houston, Kendrick Scott ...Gracious! I had orchestra seats to Saturday's performance (third row from the stage), and just when I thought nothing could top the performance itself, Kurt Elling proceeded to join attendees in the lobby for a bit of mingling. My date and I were literally headed towards the exit when I came to a screeching halt upon seeing Kurt Elling. I jumped in line for a picture and chat with "the man." I actually cut in line (shhh ...don't tell), but it's Kurt Elling! Oh, what a nite. BTW, thank goodness for "dial-a-date." He was good for something, snapping the pic mostly ;-). #TalesOfSingledom

From the Side

From the Back
BONUS: My 8 yr. old is gonna one day pray she doesn't have a "ba-donkka-donk" this big but for the sake of curbing "cabin fever" over two days of school closures, I let her have her way. I literally fell out and was CTHU when she burst in my room saying, "Mommy look!!"

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