Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So many of you asked so here are some of our fave products from last nite's "Beauty Talk" segment about all things purrrrty! Some products are being introduced just in time for fall but one of our faves in particular, is the Kiehl's Limited Edition Lip Balm #1 Set, introduced to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Lip Balm #1. But the set is so affordable get 6 flavors for the price of 4 consisting of coconut and mango to name a couple and you don't have to worry about that sticky, sweet after-taste and for 32 bucks we see why celebs like Halley Barry, John Mayer and Gwyneth Paltrow consider Lip Balm #1 a must have.
Eyeshadows are so hot for fall and with the variety of Sephora Mono Eyeshadow colors, you will surely find a shade amongst the 54 beauty-full shadows to compliment your look. 54!!! How can you go wrong?! And what's more, the shadows can be applied wet or dry depending on if you are going for a more sophisticated or natural look. My fave is the preppy look N41. Let us know yours ...

We also love the Sephora Smokey Eye Brush which is designed to achieve a smokey eye and even comes complete with step-by-step instructions which I have not yet followed but I will surely get back to you with the results. So if you didn't know, you will know following purchase.

And not to be outdone, Bobbi Brown has a Long-Wear Cream Shadow collection for fall that consists of 8 metallic shades that will leave your lids glittery with a high-shimmer, sheer finish. And the texture is like velvet.

Of course Bag Ladies loves the smell goods and we hope you enjoyed our chatter as much as we did about some hot fall fragrances.

Apple Bottoms by Nelly is sweet and unexpectedly sexy and mature with a very pretty bottle. I couldn't stop sniffing myself. One of my absolute faves. I could definitely see it resting atop my vanity. Available in Macy's and

The other fave is one of Kat Von D's fragrances for Sephora. You know Kat is the tatted up chick who had the reality show. Kat concocted two fragrances, Sinner and Saint. I thought my fave would be Sinner as I said on the show last nite, for obvious reasons but I instead preferred the sensual scent of saint filled with sandalwood and musk.

We just love the bottle design of Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York. The genderless scent is the latest eau de parfum from Bond No. 9. But this fragrance definitely requires layering over something more sweet like a lotion or spritz. Maybe try one of Kiehl's Portable Essential Oils. But either way, you just might have to think twice about paying $145 although it's a $cent as $eductively $weet as a dollar $ign. Available October 1st at Bond No. 9 boutiques and Sak's.

And imagine your favorite perfume in the form of a potpourri or candle. Well that is exactly what Ferragamo delivers with the newly introduced Tuscan Soul Home Collection. The collection launches this month in select Salvatore Ferragamo Boutiques. We loved the Scented Stone the most because not only is it aesthetically pleasing but the scent which the handmade stone gives off is so supple and smooth. I was literally working the other eve and was smelling something good and couldn't quite figure out what it was and I realized the stone was resting on my mantel. The scent is so discreet that you can walk into someones home realizing something smells good yet not be able to put your finger on exactly what is. You will just wanna keep inhaling and taking deep breaths. The fragrance is guaranteed to last for three months. But the concept of the collection is just awesome!
More soon to come ...Until then, stay purrrrty! And don't forget to join us next week for the second show in our month-long wellness series. We started with Beauty Talk and who knows where we'll end up next. Talk to ya ...
-- Lady Erin