Monday, September 28, 2009

Bag Ladies Look of the Week: Eve

It's Monday which means it's time for another fabulous look! Perhaps you might've caught some of the looks posted all over the world wide web from VH1's Hip Hop Honors 2009 which is the only way you will sneak a peek since the show doesn't air until October 13th. There were many head turning looks on the red carpet ...some good, most bad. But one look in particular that we liked and selected as our fave of the week, is our girl Eve. Always on the radar, Eve maintains her style and doesn't compromise. Eve achieves such a great balance between femininity and confidence with just a touch of testosterone thrown in! We love the way she rocked this little black dress. Everyone should have one ...of course it doesn't have to be Helmut Lang but Eve set it off with a gorgeous yellow and black striped clutch, fingerless gloves and Diego Dolcini heels. Evidently she took the stage and presented so can't want to see her do her thang.

BTW, Bag Ladies is switching things up a bit and further details will be revealed on tomorrow's show. But instead of our recreating the look at a more cost-effective price, we want you to do it!!! That's right, we are turning it over to you. Bag Ladies Radio wants to give you some FREE swag but you gotta do your part too. Once our fave is posted, you then take the look, recreate it on yourself, snap a couple pics and submit to Bag Ladies providing your contact info. and details to include where pieces came from (brands), and price points. Each week, a different winner will be announced and that winner will be sent some great goodies!!! And trust, we don't front. We mean what we say, you will get some great goodies!! So get to recreating, snapping and sending. Submit all entries to

Tune into Bag Ladies Reality Radio tomorrow at 7p EST for more. Talk to ya then!!

-- Bag Ladies