Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Get Cassie's Look ...

Get this week's Bag Ladies fave and don't break the bank doing it. If you hit up mybagladies blog yesterday, then you no doubt saw our MTA VMA fashion pick which was Cassie on the red carpet, sporting a plunging neckline floral print mini w/ metallic peep-toe booties and a yellow clutch. Bag Ladies searched to find you the most cost effective options ...

Although neither addresses afford you the same plunging neckline, the floral print is right on and the cinched waist will provide a more slim look. And the length is perfect and with the right booties, will elongate your frame that much further.

1st option - Angie Floral Print Short Sleeve, Macy's - $49
2nd option - Rebecca Taylor Mini-Me Floral Print - Neiman's - $375

Accessories: Ruffle T-Strap Bootie, Mandee - Steve Madden, $79.99
Peep-Toe Bootie, Mandee, $22.49

Yellow clutch - Alfani Genova Patent Clutch, Macy's - $68.00