Friday, June 26, 2009

What more can we say today?

Just as I'm sure all of you are, Bag Ladies is also mourning the loss of Michael Jackson. There's not alot you can say on this day, besides R.I.P. He touched most of us in so many was. I can recall my brother and I seeing him live ...front row seats and being totally overwhelmed by his stardom and stage presence, surrounded by folks who were passing out, crying and just consumed w/ emotion. My brother and I were gazing up at him and just totally in awe.

There will never be another like him that possesses the type of artistry that he did.

No one did it better than Michael and noone will ever do it better than him.
He endured many trials and tribulations stemming from his stardom and I
think struggled w/ not ever having a childhood but yet he still endeavored to please us, his fans to the fullest and produce music that was stellar. Please share your thoughts on how Michael touched you. Bag Ladies is sending prayers to his family and fans struggling and suffering w/ the loss. But let's also as best we can celebrate his life in spite of. Most of the music stations are doing a great job of running marathons and showcasing his music. I've seen videos not seen in years and have been dancing and snapping my fingers all day so it's hard to be down when you have his great music to keep you lifted up. So let's stand on that. Bag Ladies will be getting down at daBomb tomorrow which will include an MJ tribute. It's not to be missed for sure bar also and 90's throwback. Event details HERE!

We miss you Michael!

-- Lady Erin