Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We all know the day during which we honor all those special men in our lives be it your Daddy, your Brother, an Uncle or just some random dude, is upon us. Bag Ladies has already provided you information on one of our fave gift ideas for Father's Day which is also an event, taking place here in Washington, DC, The Boy$ Club. Click here for more details. It's so awesome! I wish I could be a dude for a day just so I could attend this all-men's event but such is life. Anyway, here are a few more ideas to take the pressure off your having to come up with something on your own. Just be sure to extend Bag Ladies the credit :-) when you're being showered with hugs and kisses. More selections will be discussed tonite on Bag Ladies along with so much more! Tune in at 7p EST to www.bagladiesradio.com.

Radio Controlled Cooler - Don't get up, this cooler brings it to ya!

If he likes to grill, perfect!

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He'll never thirst again.