Tuesday, August 23, 2016

So You Have Pretty Pictures, Now What??? #BIsForBoss

I wrapped a shoot just last week and shared pics across my social media platforms. And while I'm totally flattered by all the generous comments and feedback, I couldn't help but consider how many individuals I've come across attempting to navigate the social media landscape, build their brands, start a business, etc. who have invested in great flicks that literally just sit. That's right, they hire a photographer, get their "fit" together which may not be limited to one if the shoot includes multiple looks, perhaps a Stylist even is required. Not to mention hair, makeup, etc. And if things go as planned, you have gorgeous pictures! 

So you have pretty pictures, now what? 

It's been my experience that folks get caught up in the glamour of a shoot which if you know like I know, an actual photo shoot is WERK and can be terribly un-glamourous. I've produced alot of shoots and been the subject of alot of shoots. But my point is many approach doing a shoot having not fully defined their branding and/or marketing needs and how they intend to seek a return on their investment aka putting those gorgeous pics to good use. A photo shoot can be costly, following is a helpful list of 5 immediate things you can do with those pretty pictures.
Photog: @constantfocus / Set: Union Market, WDC
Update Your Profiles
Where do you reside on social media? Are you on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc? When is the last time you updated your profile pics. The days of shoddy selfies are over. Select if not one particular pic, multiple pics from your shoot and put your best face forward.  A good profile pic shows you care about how you present yourself. It's a great way to garner brand interest which can lead to paid opportunities.

Promotional Materials
Depending on your business, you might possibly have fliers and/or other materials that you distribute directly to further promote products/services. Don't let these visual aids go stale, update and generate increased visibility amongst existing and new clients/customers.
Photog: @constantfocus / Set: Union Market, WDC
Media Kit
As a Blogger and Social Media Consultant, if nothing else, maintaining an up-to-date media kit is a MUST. I update my media kit 2-3 times a year and particularly love to update with new pics reflective of new interests and content that might appeal to brands I have an interest in collaborating with.

A great way to boost SEO is to update your website. New content generates more crawls and more pages in the index and statistics show, generates more return visits. Pages on your site in which you perhaps use a static pic like your about page, contact page, etc., could maybe use a makeover. The higher your numbers, the better position you assume to monetize your content. And it keeps the overall look fresh.

Business Cards
I won't bother schooling you on the necessity of business cards because if you're reading this, I assume you know. But from me to you, adding an image of myself to my business card was the best thing I ever did. My previous design was just my logo but what prompted me to add an image of myself was my own poor memory. I network, attend events, etc. 24/7 and I am constantly being passed business cards. Problem is, I oftentimes forget who people are. Having an image on my business card ensures that doesn't happen. I can't even tell you how many times I've been complimented on having done that and making it easier for folks to remember me at the end of the day. It's all about leaving a lasting impression.
Photog: @constantfocus / Set: Union Market, WDC
Bottom line, show yourself and project the image you want your brand or business to represent across all mediums. I have a few more updates of my own to complete since my last shoot.
I'm considering penning a post regarding selecting a Photog which can sometimes be a struggle. If interested, please comment below and I'll follow-up with a second post. This just might turn into a series.

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