Friday, October 9, 2015


A unique outdoor space, wireless headphones, a catered after-party with lavender infused vodka, a dj, lipstick bar. Oh and there's yoga too!!

I am only just getting my feet wet with yoga and trying to infuse it regularly into my workout routine. I used to do Bikram yoga a couple of years ago on a regular basis but I'm now ready to commit to the process and looking forward to the results so upon being invited to last month's Silent Soul and Spirits, an event produced by Grip The Mat, Powered by Reebok and Events DC and sponsored by Skinnygirl and Cava Grill, I could not pass. 

Picture the backdrop that is the steps of the Carnegie Library in DC, just a few "yogi's" aka avid yoga lovers, a gorgeous evening, illuminated headphones and a fantastic DJ thus an amazing experience which is most definitely how I would describe Silent Soul and Spirits.
Carnegie Library, Washington, DC
These SOE headphones were amazing. The sound was awesome paired with DJ Neekola
My mat for the event provided ...
 Mind you we were outside in downtown DC on a Saturday amongst alot of activity on this particular weekend but the headphones literally made me feel totally oblivious to all of the distractions around me and it was as if the instructor was talking directly to me so I was able to assume certain positions more effectively in addition to having the support of those around me and there were even other instructors who walked amongst all of us in attendance, to assist with certain poses and positions ...I needed alot of help but I intend to keep it up so I'll get there. 
Yogi, friend and fellow Blogger, Julia Coney of
Cocktails anyone?
The open bar made the after party that followed that much more fun. 
And there was a lip bar
Sweat now ... 
Party after ...
I couldn't leave without my swag of course
The hour long session was more of a workout than I expected but exactly what I wanted. The cool urban air tempered the sweat a bit. And the after party that followed was the perfect cap-off to the high of pushing my body yet again beyond what I think my physical capabilities are. Grip The Mat was a fantastic experience, there was such camaraderie amongst those of us who attended and it felt exclusive. But mostly, it motivated me that much more. Next time you see me, don't be afraid to say, "baby bend over, lemme see you do that yoga." I hope to be able to do so with ease if I keep it up.


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