Tuesday, October 6, 2015


If I'm not tweeting, I'm posting. If I'm not posting, I'm pinning. If I'm not pinning, I'm uploading. If I'm not uploading, I'm "scoping." If I'm not "scoping", I'm "snapping." Did I leave any platform out? Probably.
Photog: Ananda Leeke
As a Blogger presently and Social Media Consultant, it's safe to say that I live, breathe, eat and sleep online. I'm not only managing my own brand activity and maintaining my online presence but I'm also doing the same for clients. But as much as I love navigating the vast social media landscape, there are no doubt days when I prefer to just be completely detached from social media. I don't want to post, pin, tweet, upload, snap, scope ...Nuffin. 

Photog: Ananda Leeke
But when social media inspires, man does it totally renew my passion for that which I am privileged to do, the relationships I've been able to forge, individuals that I've been able to meet, experiences that I've been able to participate in and more. And that totally happened this past week. My 11 yr. old daughter was selected to attend the annual Boys and Girls Club of America Youth of the Year (#YOY) event, Honorary Chairs include Jennifer Lopez and Denzel Washington. This year's event was sponsored by Disney. And me, I paid a visit to the White House. The pictures tell the story better than I ever could. 
My mini-me (red bow) had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Rowland on the carpet!!!! I was ecstatic because while I was unable to attend the #YOY gala with her, I watched it LIVE via Periscope and literally saw her as this pic was being taken. It was one of the most exciting "Proud Mommy" moments ever. I was particularly in awe of just technology at this very moment and how I was able to experience it for myself. Good thing others viewing couldn't hear my screams. I mean ...
As if the previous pic wasn't enough, Kelly Rowland posted this picture to her Instagram the following day. Mind you, Kelly has 3.8 million followers. I didn't even know until all of a sudden, friends and followers of mine tagged me @bagladies and left comments like, "Erin, isn't that your daughter?" Upon checking, I was speechless. That's my mini-me in the middle and that is her iPod w/ the Minnie Mouse case. Interestingly enough, I almost didn't let her take it with her but we had a conversation about making sure she kept her eye on it (every Mom can relate), and what ultimately led me to allow her was for this very reason, photo opps. Denzel Washington and Timbaland were there too. But I can't tell you how excited I was to see this pic and Kelly captioned it, "Selfie with BGCA cuties."

So I was invited to the White House for the 2nd time for Saturday's 12th Worldwide Instameet. I joked all week about having not worn out my welcome on my first visit. But Instameet (#WHInstameet),  is an effort on behalf of the current Presidency to further engage social media and present the White House as the "people's house." Social Media influencers were extended an exclusive invite to participate. It was an amazing experience to walk through and see such defined moments in History. There was such a distinct energy and all of us in attendance which consisted of a fantastic bunch, were just in awe. I was live tweeting and posting the entire time and capturing every moment. This pic which I took was my fave room, the Old Family Dining Room. The room was actually curated by Michelle Obama and featured a beautiful Alma Thomas painting. I was so drawn to this room because it was distinctly modern in contrast to other rooms.

And as if the experience could not have gotten any better, all of a sudden I gained like a ton of new followers and folks were tweeting and tagging me on Sunday like, "Erin look!" And low and behold, First Lady Michelle Obama featured my picture, taken with my camera, by me on her Instagram page. The First Lady has 2.3 million followers! In the context of social media, this is HUGE! I was reduced to tears because I was so terribly humbled and flattered and blessed. I am an Amateur Photog at best. My Samsung NXMini which everyone always asks me about, presents me as a far better Photographer than I actually am but this was just a privilege. I could go on and on about the significance of this Presidency and what it means to me as a woman, as a black woman and more. So to be featured is just ...I'm tearing up again.

And it just keeps getting better! I awoke yesterday morning to find this pic posted by a Photographer I had the pleasure of attending with. I didn't even know Thomas Hyde (follow him), had taken this pic but it totally captures me in my element. Many may think this work is superficial, it doesn't have any substance and you're just snapping selfies and showing off. But there is so much more depth at least for me. It's about wanting to share the experience on platforms that enable you to do so with many. And the effort required to capture the experience in a way that resonates be it via words or via pictures, is what I most look forward to and love to do!

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