Monday, September 9, 2013

#BagLadiesLIVE Weekend Update: Beauty Talk with AJ Crimson & Renny Vasquez + Electric Run + Swooning over JCrew

Well look who I bumped into this weekend! Professional MUA, AJ Crimson from this weekend's Crimson Academy LIVE DC at the W Hotel. Also, Professional MUA Renny Vasquez. It was a pleasure to finally meet the both of them and dish beauty particularly with AJ and see up close and personal his product collection. Renny was just as much a sweetheart as I've always been told. And you know I popped the question. Both of them, soon to hit the airwaves of  
I got the personal treatment from AJ himself as he dusted me w/ his loose powder great both for controlling oil  and creating a matte look without otherwise taking away from your color. Totally in my element and loving every minute of it.
AJ dropped great tips while beating his models face. This was my fave regarding how to apply mascara using a sponge.
AJ's makeup table alone was *swoon* worthy and I'm not even a MUA. I just dish beauty ...ALOT.
It was a wonder I even made it out to bump into both AJ and Renny. My body was aching all over from a 5k Electric Run I did Friday nite. Why you ask? I don't know either. It's what I get when I let my "good girlfriends" take the reigns and plan a "girls night out." This night out required running shoes and great stamina. This time last year I was running 3 miles consistently 2-3 days a week but I've since fallen off. 
My ensemble, Fila Sport Top / Xersion Performance Wear Bottoms / Nike Kicks
My body surely let me know that I'm not in the shape I used to be. I made it across the finish line but I didn't run the entire time. The last 1-1 1/2 was a brisk walk. It was definitely challenging in that part of the course was sand and gravel. That was tough. I had never run amongst people. I had only ever run solo. Imagine a rave but in the form of a run. DJ's, lights and music blasting the entire course and everybody looks like a gloworm since the run is after dark. The brighter the better. We were glowing from the glasses on our faces to the necklaces around our necks to bracelets and more. But the fellowship was fun. I would definitely do it again just for the sake of challenging myself to complete in it's entirety which I will absolutely do next time around. You heard it here first.

My girls and I prior to starting the race.
After. A lil' worse for wear but we made it over the finish line!
While soothing my back. My neck and my back on Saturday, I actually took advantage of long lost down time and flipped through J.Crew's latest catalog. One word,  I WANT! Two words actually but I want everythang for myself. All the crewcuts pieces for my lil' ones and the menswear styles for the man of my dreams whenever he decides to reveal himself. #TalesOfSingledom
What did you do this weekend? I'll be sure to follow up with the contents of my swag bag from my run in with AJ Crimson.

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