Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Being a Parent is continuously and consistently challenging. There is no rule book. No play book. No accolades. I can perhaps offer up that being a Mommy is ultimately what I make it. It's so interesting when I reflect at times how I always knew with every certainty even when younger (much younger), that I would be a Mommy and that I would be a Mommy of three. There was never a question. I never wondered if I wanted to be. If I could be. If I was supposed to be. I mean I just always knew. Now what I didn't know was when or with whom, that two of the three would be twins and that I would ultimately end up a single Parent but such is God's will. 
I snapped this picture with my two girls minus my Son (he was at Soccer practice), outside of their school yesterday following the first of two back-to-school nights. And for some reason, I just cannot take my eyes off of it! I am completely enraptured and not because of the quality or anything. I am far from a professional. I look at it and I just think love. I just see affection in spite of my 7 year old daughter giving the puckered lip look. I see just an abundance of what would've been unfathomable adoration and affection had I not ever become a Parent. My 7 year old resting her head on my shoulder and my 9 year old pressed up against me with her face to mine. My love for my children is limitless. My love is endless. It exists even on days when the last thing I wanna be in the whole entire world is a Mommy (please don't act like you don't have those days too). I'm particularly struck by the background. We were actually standing right in front of my child's school yet it doesn't show. This photo is totally untouched, completely unfiltered and sincerely genuine.

This is just one of those posts that really has no rhyme or reason. There is no point really. I just needed to "write" it out. I just literally felt compelled to share. Please feel free to share your thoughts in return.

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