Thursday, April 11, 2013


Founder of and Author of Love @ First Click, Laurie Davis
This week's #BagLadiesLIVE was an all new #TalesOfSingledom segment featuring founder and Author of Love @ First Click, Laurie Davis. The plethora of online dating sites is so overwhelming and although I know many who have attempted online dating, being single myself, I've never actually tried my hand. And I'm faaaaaaarrr from alone. Per an impromptu Twitter chat, I received alot of feedback. I wanted to break down the basics of:

  • How to find a dating site
  • How to build a profile
  • What types of pics should you use
AND what turned out to be the most profound during last nite's dish ...

  • How do you set your expectations differently when dating online vs. traditionally

Last nite was a "digital dating how-to" and Laurie Davis lent a great voice and dropped tips like:

  • Your profile should read like a story based on you.
  • Share pictures of yourself as well as yourself in action meaning participating in what you like to do (your interests).
  • Understand that your profile is significant so be aware of what you say. It's your first impression.
  • "Keep your emotions in check." If noone responds immediately to your profile, don't take it personally.
  • Remove "rejection" from your vocabulary
  • Ultimately, online dating doesn't guarantee a "love connection." It's a tool and should be treated as such.
Laurie also dropped the address to an online engine she created which you can utilize to navigate the plethora of dating sites and find a match. The process of finding a site can be sooooo tedious and is most times what turns women off before even trying. Laurie has made it easy for us. Visit

I am seriously considering now trying my hand. I ain't having much success in the dating field presently. There's a bit of a shortage of prospects so why not and let the sites do the work for me. I'm terribly busy anyway so online dating seems like a worthy option as far as eliminating the leg work and the guess work in some instances. And since having dished with Laurie, I feel much more "armed and ready." How bout you??

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