Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!!!

Decorating your Christmas tree has moved beyond the days of "A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree", and slight trimming and colorful lights. Today, people are looking for ways to spruce up their holiday décor and what better way to hallmark the season than by turning your Christmas tree into the focal point. Here are five tips for jazzing up your Christmas tree:

1. Go for color: Colorful Christmas trees give your home a whimsical feel, think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Elf. Using vibrant colors creates a fun atmosphere and is great for homes with small children. These ornaments found at Target are great for creating the colorful look:

2. Go for a theme: Who doesn’t love a good theme? Creating a themed Christmas tree is a great tie-in for hosting holiday parties. Better Homes and Garden has really creative ideas for pulling off a themed Christmas tree.

3. Add some style: If you love style, allow that to reflect in your Christmas tree décor. One way to do this is by enlisting the help of designer ornaments. This MacKenzie-Childs Coutly Harlequin Glass Ornament sold at Saks is a nice touch for a stylish tree.

4. Be bold: Who says your Christmas tree has to be green? Purchasing a colored Christmas tree is not only stylish, but it says you’re not afraid to take risks. Try for Christmas trees in varying colors at affordable prices.

5. Keep it classic with a modern twist: If you’re into the traditional Christmas feel, then a colored Christmas tree may not be your approach, but this doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun with your décor. Keep your Christmas tree classic, while enhancing it with modern ornaments. These ornaments found at Crate and Barrel keep the classic feel, but have a modern look.

Whatever your approach is to decorating your Christmas tree this holiday season, be sure to stay true to your personal style. Be sure that your tree matches the ambiance of your home. Happy Holidays!!

This piece was Authored by Shakirah Holley as a guest post on mybagladies blog. Publisher of her own blog, please visit Shakirah for Fashion, Food and Fabulosity at Style Atelier.

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