Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Last night was the finale of VH1's Basketball Wives, thus our finale post of our fave tweets. Although I guess not official because next Monday’s Basketball Wives reunion will surely consume our Twitter timeline with all kinds of hilarious commentary. So we will be forced to do another fave tweets post ...so we ain't done just yet. We and you, our followers likely ain’t seen nothing yet! So as anxiously as we are anticipating next week’s reunion, please enjoy our favorite tweets from the finale episode of the guilty, raunchy but always entertaining pleasure, that is VH1’s Basketball Wives. And don’t act like you haven’t already marked your calendar for the premiere of Basketball Wives LA. Lawd knows, Basketball Wives Miami is a hard act to follow. Them LA gals better bring it ...the ridiculous, dramatic, exaggerated behavior we mean. Will Shaunie be present in each episode to further instigate you think? Without her constant instigating, the drama wouldn’t exist. Enjoy! And be sure to connect with our featured followers.

Ok really, wld Shaunie's endorsement of a shoe or "name on it", really make a diff as 2 whether u wld buy it? I'd b more inclined not to ...#BasketballWives

Eric would surely have another unicorn knot after that antic. He would not have walked away, he would've been led away. #BasketballWives

@luvvieig: The fact that Gal Reynolds is MCing Jennifer's Divorce party is just... #BBW

So Jen transitioned to a video ho? #BasketBallWives ...she's moving on up!

@lovecrissle: if i was engaged to a pro athlete i'd be doing a lot less questioning and a lot more shopping anydamnway.

@nicheatl: And black women are suppose to be the only crazy ones!?!?! Evelyn is proving that assumption wrong!!!! #bbw #basketballwives

@talkingwithtami: OOH chile my granny told me to rub real lemons on my black knees and elbows! Chad needs that same remedy on those soup coolers! Pow!

@sawngbyrd28: Eric looks like at any moment he'll jump up on the table beat his chest and screeeeeech like a gorilla!

Chad is done if Ev knows what's best. Can we say red flag?! #BasketBallWives

@AuNaturaleDC: That big tooth bastard...I swear I would beat his ass wit my shoe...give him a matching knot to the head! MOFO TAKE UR NAME!!! Ooh lawd!!!

@vinabean: After being married to that creature from Mordor for all them years, Jenn deserves to tongue it out with any man she wants. She earned that.

@brokeymcpoverty: eric talkin about somebody not knowing themselves. your top & bottom lips don't know each other. introduce

Why is Jen allowing Suzi to plan anything especially her divorce shin-dig?! Jen is just real naive or just plain DUMB! #BasketBallWives

@MrCouture: Shoutout to the bottom of Evelyn's ears. Them thangs hanging on like the Civil Rights movement! Heavy hoops! #BasketballWives

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