Monday, February 1, 2010


Might that somebody be you? We are actually past due for a new "Bag Lady of the Month" pick and some of you have reminded us even. All the more reason to secure a new Bag Lady to feature! You know how we do, it's all about you! We wanna brag about you! We wanna boast about you! We want to feature you! But in order for us to consider you or someone you know, we need you to drop us a line. We don't require anything lenghty or extensive. All we need is an email that briefly describes what bizness you (or someone you know) are running or what hella service you (or someone you know) are delivering, event that you (or someone you know) are putting on or in what way you (or someone you know) are doing your thang!! We love our fans, followers and listeners and featuring you is just our way of saying thank you! It's a way to extend you and your brand increased visibility and who doesn't like their ego stroked a lil bit? Who doesn't like to be recognized for their efforts? We damn sure do so why not extend you the same. And we absolutely love women that exude confidence, have a great concept for a product or service and are just doing it! We've featured fans and listeners of ours to include Bartenders, Business Owners so you surely fall somewhere in between and deserve some credit for that which you do. Well let Bag Ladies Radio give you that and then some!

Not only will you, your service and/or business be featured on for the entire month of February but you will also be featured as per our Tuesday airing. Where else might you be able to get that level of free marketing and promotion?

If you think you or someone you know might be worthy of consideration, please send Bag Ladies Radio an email with the information specified above, your contact info. to include a phone, email and web address, and one picture to by 10a Tuesday, 2/2/10. Thank you for all of the submittals received thus far and thanks in advance for those yet to come.

BTW, you will be hooked up w/ some FREE swag too! Good luck!

-- Bag Ladies Reality Radio