Friday, March 20, 2015


Today's the day, the 1st day of spring! Although you wouldn't know it by what Mother Nature is serving up today in my neck of the woods. But it's here! Most of us suffered a brutal winter so if you are like me, you can't wait for warmer temps, blue skies and open toe shoes. Oh and some fresh nail swag!

I tend to rock more tame colors in the cooler months but this past winter, I wasn't rocking much of nuffin because as I informed you here, my Nail Stylist had the nerve to go on maternity leave. Where they do that at?! And I've yet to find anyone who comes close to her expertise and artistry and whose gel mani's have the same staying power. All jokes aside, her and her hubby were blessed with a beautiful baby boy and I couldn't be happier. But she has now returned to her "rightful" place. I was FINALLY able to catch up with friend and DC based Expert Nail Stylist, Mikal Weathers (follow @belovednails365), and she's back with a BANG!!! 

Click here to see the pin that inspired this artistry (follow me too). Press play and watch my latest vine (audio and all), and why I'm now seriously fiending for spring. 

Before, you were rusty ...And bare nailed.
And suddenly you are gleaming ...And sparkling with a fresh gel mani.
At bible study. I look at my nails and they just make me smile. Getting my nails done relaxes me and Mikal and I have the most therapeutic conversations.
I definitely needed a pop of color to cure winter funk. And glitter makes EVERYTHING better.
I was asked about the shape while getting my car serviced. The stiletto shape is not nearly as treacherous as it looks. And yes, I can still type 60+ wpm with ease :-)
Whew! Now I can exhale, Erin got her #NailSwag back! What colors are you looking forward to rocking for spring? And have you ever tried the stiletto shape?

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