Wednesday, October 1, 2014


There is no greater pain than that of having a fave beauty product discontinued. 

I was turned onto Victoria's Secret (VS) Tinted Moisturizer a couple of years ago when they sent me product for a review. The moisturizer is light but provides great coverage and is very moisture rich. I found the product to just be great
at even'ing out my complexion and in Deep, it matched very well. My last purchase was earlier this year and as is typical, I purchased three tubes at a time. I use pretty much every day but you literally only need a dollup so it lasts. But I adore this product because I can apply and add my fave Nars Lip Lacquer in Sweet Charity and call it a day or do a full face if I so choose. And I don't always like to be bothered with foundation, I really prefer not to use it at all so this VS moisturizer proved to be a happy medium for me. So you can imagine a week ago upon realizing I was totally out, how I felt upon visiting, to find my beloved tinted moisturizer DIS-CON-TIN-UED. 
Failed attempts to find a moisturizer to replace my beloved
I immediately picked up the phone to call customer service and my greatest fear was realized, the rep confirmed that it wasn't a typo or an error and that the product was no more. And furthermore, it was a Sunday so the rep couldn't even say if distribution had more than just the one in stock he saw. One! What the heck am I gonna do with just one? I spent a week trying to find a comparable product and even visited a couple VS stores. I tried other suggested brands as well as aa, bb and cc creams but nothing looked good. The tint of the moisturizer was either too dark or left more of an ashy finish than the dewy glow I was accustomed to. The tinted moisturizer not only offers spf protection but has an illuminating glow. 
In desperation, I cut open the tubes I had in an effort to get the last lil' bit
As I explained in despair to my Mom, she suggested trying ebay. She had success finding a product that she used which had been discontinued. I was a bit leery because I had never purchased from ebay and furthermore, I definitely wasn't familiar with ebay being an online shopping destination for beauty products. Really? Ebay? But I was desperate. I searched for the VS Tinted Moisturizer in Deep and low and behold, there were sellers with product! They all pretty much had stories of having purchased and realized Deep wasn't a match. I thoroughly researched and found the few sellers had great rankings and they were all U.S. based so I quickly estimated how soon I could have product on my doorstep. My skin would surely thank me. And it did upon the arrival of three separate orders purchased from three different ebay sellers. The turnaround was quick and the price was cheaper actually than what I would've otherwise paid in store. The items arrived sooner than estimated and in new condition as described in the online description and I'm now at least stocked for awhile until I can find something to replace my beloved tinted moisturizer. My search continues ...And I totally don't know what I'm gonna do when my current supply runs out.

Those ebay sellers saved my life my skin.

What fave beauty product of yours has been discontinued? What was your reaction?
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