Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lady Erin in Aruba ...

Lady Erin (Tobi Dazed Maxi Dress, Mossimo for Target Poeske Flat Sandal)
"We had a view from our 16th floor suite that as you peered over the balcony, just made you that much more inclined to spend every available moment on the beach. We were greeted by a royal blue sky above, and azure waters below."

"It is just as acceptable in Aruba to lie out on the beach 24/7 (which I did, a lot), as it is to jet ski, parasail, snorkel or whatever your heart may desire. There are a plethora of activities to choose from, even shopping."

"My companion and I made friends with one particular bartender who, after that first day, made a point to "put his foot in" every drink we requested from that day on. Aruba is tagged as "One Happy Island" and we were surely "Two Happy Travelers" thanks in part to our bartender friend’s efforts."

Lady Erin on Palm Beach (Zimmerman Memoir Ruffled Floral Print Suit)  
You don't have to "swoon" any further. The details of Lady Erin's recent "vacay" to Aruba have been published for the world to see. Check out her "Memories of Aruba" on