Monday, October 5, 2009

Bag Ladies Look of the Week: Gabrielle Union

So many hot events to pull great looks ...from Paris Fashion Week to the Los Angeles premier of Chris Rock's Good Hair ...Bag Ladies had a chance to check out an advance screening last week. And definitely gather the girls and check it out cause it is a movie although I think technically classified as a documentary, but surely a hit that you won't wanna miss. It's that good, that insightful and damn sure that funny!! Anything that explores how territorial and possessive Black Women can be and have always been about their hair whether it's their own biological hair or someone else's, is a guaranteed riot!!!
But back to what we doing here, we at Bag Ladies just couldn't take our eyes off the comfortably chic look Gabrielle Union rocked at the Good Hair premier and we are that much more excited to see how you, our listeners might pull it off. Like we said last week, we are switching things up and no longer recreating the look for you, we are turning it over to you and instead, you show us the sense of style we know you have.
So get to recreating, snap some pics and get them to us along with your contact info, for some FREE Swag!! You have 1 week and we made this one a bit easy because everyone should have a cropped jacket, tights (of course), a black belt and if you don't have a jumper or romper such as what G Union is sporting, you surely got a mini that you can work. Anyway, click here to email us the pics and show us what you can do.
And don't forget to tune into tomorrow at 7p EST. It's a show you don't wanna miss particularly if you are as much a fan of the RHOA as we are. But somebody just might get checked and it ain't gonna be us!!
-- Bag Ladies, "The Reality of you, your life and how you live it!"