Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bag Ladies ..."All About The Cause"

Bag Ladies Reality Radio was "All About The Cause" last night as they dedicated their weekly show entirely to Breast Cancer Awareness. And since October is in fact Breast Cancer Awareness month, it was a perfect fit and a great way to close out Bag Ladies last show of the month. But don't think you've heard the last of Bag Ladies when it comes to raising awareness, Bag Ladies efforts to lend attention to Breast Cancer and particularly the rising number of diagnoses amongst young women will continue beyond October and will be an ongoing conversation. Check out the "Pink Ribbon" featured last nite as per Bag Ladies "What's Sippin." The "Pink Ribbon" is 4oz. Pink Lemonade, 1oz. Triple Sec and White Zinfandel. You can feel good about taking this drink to the head ...Just remember, it's "All About The Cause". Bag Ladies hopes to be able to score a couple of the adorable Lolita Designs Pink Ribbon glasses (pictured at right). Additional products will be profiled. Check this week's Thru The Eyes of Bag Ladies for the Beauty Chic pick.
Madame Myra was MIA so her Top 10 was missed but Lady Erin and Miz Adams brought good convo about everything from "boobies" to the swine flu to the gorgeous Belvedere "Belvie Bag" and the Balmain Booties Lady Erin kicked off during the course of the show. You know, to set the tone of chatting it up with your good girlfriends. She was already sippin good. But mix that with celeb news always delivered by Gossip Guru, Jameelah per "What's Poppin With The Paparazzi" and you got a hot show!! "What's Poppin" is one of the most popular segments and always gets Lady Erin, Madame Myra and Miz Adams amped up and last nite was no exception. Jameelah provided dominating celeb headlines about everything from the beef btwn. Spike Lee and Tyler Perry to the supposed hookup btwn. Justin T. and Rihanna, Lamar Odom and Khloe (formerly Khloe Kardashian) Odom matching tats and soooo much more. To understand is to tune into Bag Ladies Radio every Tuesday or check it out OnDemand. There was a definite tone of just having a good time as Lady Erin and Miz Adams were glad to be back on air after taking last Tuesday off to as they said, "work behind the scenes on some thangs, new features, segments and stuff." Bag Ladies stepped it up a tad last nite with the new "Bag Ladies On The Scene in ATL with Lisa and Ra." This will be a regular segment about some of the happenings and latest and greatest in the ATL which includes Bag Ladies attendance of last weekend's premier party for R&B singer Monica's new reality series, "Still Standing." As is typical at the end of the show, Miz Adams "WOW'd" us with her Words of Wisdom.

Great shows, events and segments to be revealed over the next couple weeks including Bag Ladies efforts to bring Dr. Legs and Catwalk Confidence to DC. Check out the previously aired show with Dr. Legs, OnDemand.

To understand the engaging conversation and real talk amongst the real women that are the Bag Ladies is to set your schedule to tune into Bag Ladies Reality Radio every Tuesday at 7p EST. And if you can't, you can always take advantage of the OnDemand feature which allows you to listen to the show 24/7 whenever your schedule permits, download it to your iPod even. The Bag Ladies Radio playa even plays on mybagladies blog so you might be tuned in as you read this very post. But every episode ever aired is yours for the listening.
Tune in next week for some "Beauty Talk". Bag Ladies ...The Reality of you, your life and how you live it. It's all about you Ladies!