Friday, July 31, 2015


It's summer!! One tell-tale sign that the season is upon us, is the smell of neighbors firing up the grill. It is not uncommon in my neighborhood to find families grilling on a daily and throwing everything from veggies to beef to chicken, on an open fire for some good grub.

Summer grilling season officially runs from July 27th through August 31st and the National Pork Board in partnership with Walmart, wants you to know the Hero cut is the Pork Chop! And they are also giving away great prizes in celebration. Prizes you can win! Prizes for you! From ribs and loins to chops and brats, "No matter what you celebrate this grilling season ...Pork's Got Your Grill Covered!"

As an African-American, I know the perception oftentimes in our community is that pork is the least healthy grilling option and while I don't eat pork daily, pork is considered healthy. Pork is a protein, full of flavor and very versatile. Need some great grilling recipes perhaps to help you explore the versatility? The National Pork Board is one step ahead of you. Visit and take your pick. These are just a couple of my faves:
I love anything Asian inspired so these pork ribs immediately had my taste buds popping. Click HERE for the full recipe.
My kids love skewers and this is a quick and easy pork recipe that they can even lend a hand to preparing. Click HERE for the full recipe. 
And let's not forget, half the fun of grilling is having the right tools to ensure the best flavor filled pork. 
Apron, check!
This Chefmate 7 piece stainless steel set includes a 4-in-1 spatula, tongs, grill brush and 4 skewers. What else do you need?! Nows all you gotta do is break out the grill
This handy thermometer ensures per The National Pork Board recommendations, that the internal temp of your meat is between 145 and 160F for the best results. And finish with a 3 minute rest to let those flavors really sink in.
You gotta have something to apply the sauce. The National Pork Board recommends meats be "sauced" 30 minutes before done.
You want a years worth of groceries? You want grilling tools of your own? Well the National Pork Board is giving away fantastic prizes in celebration of summer grilling season and all you have to do is enter the sweepstakes by clicking HERE to visit And follow Pork Be Inspired on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for recipes, party crashers and more!

You just might see me on the grill this weekend but don't try to crash my party :-). Do you have a fave grill recipe?
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