Thursday, September 1, 2016


The Taste of Prince George's Food and Wine Festival, returned to Six Flags America for a fourth year, like it never left. A one-day family fun affair which includes tastings, competitions, performances and lots of activities, The Taste of Prince George's Food and Wine Festival presented by marketing agency, FLYCANDY, shines a light on local talent while reinforcing that Prince George's County, Maryland is a worthwhile culinary destination for great food. 

The only way to prove that point is to provide an opportunity to taste that great food. Having grown up in Prince George's County, Maryland I've had the privilege of seeing the foodie scene grow. As in previous years, the festival delivered tasty dishes and delicious wines to sip on behalf of over 30 participating restaurants, local and national wineries all set against the backdrop of Six Flags America in Mitchellville, MD, a theme park which not only includes coasters but a water park as well which was perfect because the date of the festival turned out to be one of the HOTTEST days all summer. All the more reason to sip and sip again on the wonderful offerings. 
As hot as it was, not sipping was not an option. I wanted to trade places with these bottles. It was interesting to learn of this local winery which had a great Riesling. 
Participating restaurants served up their best fare which included fresh fruit.
Chadale's Cafe and Catering was on deck with tasty wangs and thangs. 
There was much to indulge in which is what you want a food and wine fest to be otherwise what's the point? Chadale's banana pudding was a hit.
Nuts anyone?
Sunset stage featured a host of performers including Ace Ono
Festival sponsors ensured a successful fourth year offering.
Wegmans is one of my fave shopping destinations so I was delighted to see their participation in this year's festival. 
If you shop Wegmans than you likely know how well known they are for their sushi bar. 
In formation. I was excited to give Effen a try and after going down the line, the blood orange mixed with ginger ale on ice is a quick and easy cocktail. It was a hit. 
Come in a lil' closer. One of my fave nibbles, egg rolls stuffed with kale.
The barbecue pits were fired up although I kept my distance, the heat was plenty.
Festival go-er's and lots of activity.
Treats were stacked. Don't expect to attend the fest and be disciplined and not indulge. You can check discipline at the entrance. Make up for it tomorrow.
Because partying was on the menu too.
YUM! Because there is no way that you can serve up a food festival in Maryland and not have crab cakes. Can you see the lumps? 
One of my absolute faves. Imagine an ice cream sandwich but the ice cream is sandwiched between a cupcake. OMG, I devoured this on my way out of the festival.
There was a trail of food trucks posted up too delivering tasty bites.
Hungry yet??? There's always next year. In the meantime, be sure to visit the restaurant scene in Prince George's County, Maryland and delight in what the county has to offer. Visit for details regarding next year's festival edition. 

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