Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Meeting of the "Mommies": Disney's "On The Road" Social Media Moms Celebration

Me (on left) and Michelle Stepney (right). Michelle's "Ready for your Closeup" presentation was AWESOME!
Anyone who is a Mommy knows that it truly takes a village. This notion is totally embodied in Disney's efforts to bring Mommies of all backgrounds and ethnicity's together to discuss the role social media plays in their lives and careers in addition to balancing family and work. It was my pleasure to attend last week's Disney "On The Road" Social Media Moms Celebration in Bethesda, MD.  I mean c'mon, I grew up on Disney so anything attached to the brand generates immediate excitement. And I love Disney's recognition of social media and the value that those of us who work in the industry of social media, can extend the Disney brand. The voice we lend. With that being said, it was less a promotion of "Disney" and more just a coming together of like minded women.

I was extended an invitation in the 11th hour but I was nonetheless thrilled and flattered too even though I emailed my co-host, Danielle Gray aka "Dr." at like midnight Friday morning stating that I couldn't even fathom how I would muster the energy to make it to the conference that day with a never ending list of "to-do's." But God-willing, I got the kids off to school and even thought it was pouring rain and although I arrived late, there was still plenty of dish to spare. Danielle sent energy vibes my way that surely paid off.
My feet may be kicked up but trust I was working. It was every Mommy for herself when it came to the few very few available outlets. You can't tell from the pic but this was one heck of a balancing act I was pulling off.
The air of support as I listened to speakers and sat amongst Mommies who are entrepreneurs, Bloggers, bizness owners or simply looking to get their foot in the door was awesome. The energy was amazing. And there is nothing like being surrounded by women who just get you and understand your reality. Such is what I try to bring every time I take to the airwaves of Bag Ladies Radio. I set up shop and lent an ear to the expertise of those who spoke. The networking was plentiful. There were alot of familiar-faced Mommies. The tales of exhaustion and trying to manage family life and domestic responsibility all while being the boss were hilarious. The reaffirmation of how imperative family support is was reassuring. And the dish was great! Ya'll know I'm a fiend for stimulating conversation. And for swag. Check it out!
Bag O' Swag
"The Swag"
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