Monday, September 10, 2012

10 Pleasure Tips to 2012 Virginia Wine Festival

What do you get when you attend the oldest wine festival on the East Coast? The best wineries, incredible live performances, great food and more! And best of all, ALOT of sipping (#WhatsSippin)!! Whether you are a wine connoisseur (an expert in matters of taste), or simply wine, the Virginia Wine Festival is an event not be missed which is exactly the reason why we haven't in like the last 10 years. Should be enough said, right? You should be sold. Yet, there are vendors (you can get your shop on), seminars on everything from how to pick and sample wines to how to pair with food and taste. Have you ever watched a connoisseur sample a variety and do that infamous "swoosh" in their glass to let out the aroma? Yeah, you learn that too at the Virginia Wine Fest. It's a good look. Take alot of pics of yourself getting your "swoosh" on. We do. You will look like an expert ;-).

Maxi style dress is a perfect pick.

Well, it's that time again and we are sharing our tips to ensure the annual fun that we have at the Virginia Wine Fest, is had by you too!

1. Take friends who like to get their drank (yes, we said drank), on. Leave your non-drinking, like to stay sober friends at home.
2. Take A Sip
3. Dress comfortably, cool and wear flat shoes. The location of the festival is a beautiful field in the heart of the Virginia countryside.
4. Take A Sip

$9.99 at Target. Comes w/ a drawstring carrying bag.
5. Although VIP tables are available for purchase, we love to come in tow with a nice "blankie" (short for blanket), a foldable chair and a friend last year even brought a tent.   
6. Take A Sip
7. Come prepared to stay awhile. Trust us, you will want to. It's a great get-a-way for the day/weekend.
Two of our fave varieties.

8. Take A Sip
9. Be prepared to leave with bottles in hand. You will taste wine varieties so good, your mind will be blown! If you don't already know, you will find out just how good wine can be.
10.Take A Sip
Bonus Tip: Hold onto the souvenir wine glass given to you upon admittance. After 10 years of attending, we have a collection.

If you don't get it, check out Sex And The City 2 (scene btwn. Charlotte and Miranda at the hotel bar).
Back on track, the Virginia Wine Festival is this weekend, 9/15 - 9/16. Located at Great Meadows, The Plains, VA from 11a - 6p. Visit for ticket info. and details. #WhatsSippin

PLEASE NOTE: The Virginia Wine Festival is ABSOLUTELY a family friendly affair so no one is nor should be left out. Kids can come and your non-drinking friends too. Our tips are solely the way we like to best enjoy. The kiddies are left at home for this affair. #MommyMidday

Friday, September 7, 2012

All in the Name of Fashion!! #FNOGeorgetown

Lady Erin pictured on the Brightest Young Things/FNO red carpet on the patio of Dean and Deluca at the Private Press and VIP Kick-off Party.
What do you get when a bunch of so called "fashionistas" gather together in the name of fashion? A whole lot of shopping (just browsing for some), alot of picture taking and gawking and staring ("did you see that girl?", "what is she wearing?", "oh, that is a fashion don't.").

Fashion's Night Out was created in 2009 to not only celebrate fashion, but restore consumer confidence in the retail market during a time when the economy "sucked" (still does). Fashion's Night Out is a global initiative which initially started in New York, NY but is now a nationwide event highlighted by everything from designer appearances and fashion shows, to musical performances and various brand promotions.

The closest celebration around these parts, was Fashion's Night Out Georgetown (Washington, DC) 2012. Fashion's Night Out Georgetown is presented by the Georgetown Business Improvement District. There efforts along with the 2012 Fashion's Night Out Georgetown Host Committee, resulted in Georgetown being transformed into a fashion playground. Stores stay open later and offer splurge (that I did) inspiring promotions and there are a host of events like the Vitaminwater Zero sponsored PNC Pop-Up Disco. One is made to feel like a true "fashionista" with various red carpet photo ops. And you could even get your complimentary "ride" on via Capitol Pedicabs, most attractive to those trekking (or trying to), the cobblestone streets of G'Town in 6 inch pumps. I personally refused to sacrifice comfort for fashion on this night. The fashion camaraderie is electrifying I must say. I met some of my fave bloggers, saw fellow "fashionistas" and hung out with SapphireBlu. How much damage did I do in the name of fashion you ask?? The pics tell the story. #PassionForFashion

Celebs were in abundance at Fashion's Night Out Georgetown. Paul Wharton at the exclusive Dean and Deluca Private Press and VIP Kick-Off Party in action and doing what he does best.
There were Teepees even! All In The Name of Fashion ...
The roadmap to the abundance of activities/events for  Fashion's Night Out Georgetown. Once I had this in hand I was ready to hit the town (G'Town). 
Sights to behold. She was too cute!!
My view from the complimentary pedicab ride offered by Capitol Pedicabs. 
My driver got his exercise on! Pulling and tugging me, ain't easy ;-).
I've arrived. Time to shop. It was downhill from here. The "shopaholic" in me, took ova! 
Upon stopping at Madewell, we loved The Braid Bar. Young "fashionistas" were lined up. 
Some of the styles being offered at the Madewell Braid Bar.
The stylist was awesome. I was tempted to let her tame my mane but decided to keep shopping instead ;-).
An in-store DJ at Cusp. Just one of many highlights of the night. 
The pic doesn't do this style justice. The color was awesome! Wish I had gotten a better shot of the heel. Hard to say no but Sapphire Blu and I kept it moving.  
Madewell, Cusp, Zara ...Just some of the damage done on this night. Perhaps I will post what I scored after the guilt subsides. I will say, the discounts being offered as per Fashion's Night Out, were irresistible. I paid full price for nada!!!!! The life of a "shopaholic." Note: A too cute and FREE tote along with a FAB broach was offered at Cusp with every purchase.
My Fashion's Night Out tote and tank. Something to remember the night by. Although the lack of funds in my account are likely enough of a reminder ;-)
#WhatsSippin ...What better way to end the night than with food and drink. This drank was tagged as "Devil Wears Prada" by Bandolero, just for Fashion's Night Out. One of the best dranks ever! I'm vying for them to keep it on the menu.
Oysters w/ watermelon salsa at Bandolero. Delicious! We ordered three orders. 
Suckling Pig Tacos w/ a fab habanero sauce at Bandolero. Just as good as our server suggested.
We couldn't stop!!! You might as well call this dessert seeing as how we ordered after we had finished our drinks, appetizers and entrees. The best plantains!!! And that cream sauce is indescribable, gracious!
FAVE FIND: Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop bag. It was reduced significantly at Cusp. I had just told myself that I needed another now that I've made the switch to a MACBook thus the purchase is justified. At least that's what I will keep telling myself.

Fashion's Night Out Georgetown was sponsored by: Capitol File Magazine,, Vital Voices, DC Scout, Capital Party Rentals, Vitaminwater, Smartwater, City Eats, bisnow, UBER, Grey Goose

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Roadmap to #FNO

Naturally we want to hit every single event but alas, it ain't happening. So below is our (tentative), road map to this year's Fashion's Night Out Georgetown (click the links for specific locations):

KICK-OFF!! - 5:30 - 7:30p - Dean and Deluca (Exclusive/Invitation Only)

SHOPPING (We are "shopaholics." This list will surely grow) - 7:30 - 8:30p - Sassanova, Cusp, H&M, House of KAS, JCrew, Madewell, Alchimie

PAMPERING (Always have to make time ...) - 8:30 - 9:00p - LUSH, Kiehl's

SUSTENANCE and WHAT'S SIPPIN (Necessary) - 9:00p - 10:00p - Bandolero, Mie N Yu, Daily Grill

Although the time is not noted, we are definitely making time to get our groove on at the pop-up disco at PNC Bank lot (Wisconsin & M). We will simply ...Pop-up!

We shall rely on Capitol Pedicabs (complimentary), to assist us in navigating all the events and activities of the eve. PLEASE NOTE: We are continuously changing our road map as events and activities catch our eye. You wanna catch up with us as we embark, simply tweet us a "where are you?" to @bagladies and we will respond with our location.
See you there! #PassionForFashion